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Watching “Key Largo” On TCM

August 21, 2016

Yesterday was quite an afternoon of watching movies, starring the great Humphrey Bogart on TCM.

I watched all of the great 1948 film, “Key Largo” the last of four “Bogie” starred in with future and eventual wife, Lauren Bacall.

What a cast with the six lettered couple Bogart/Bacall joined by six letters in each name, as with Ms.Bacall, Claire Trevor, who won an Academy Award for her performance.

Add the legendary Lionel Barrymore and Edward G. Robinson to John Huston’s direction and a fine supporting turn from Thomas Gomez, among others.

Those “others” include Jay Silverheels, later to be “Tonto” in “The Lone Ranger.”

What a great film!



Click below to view Bertie Higgins reference Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey Bogart (how’s that for no Ms. which for the most part I use) in the 1982 hit song, “Key Largo.”

Bertie Higgins – Key Largo



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