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Two Yesterdays And Thoughts On A/The Paul McCartney (Show).

August 9, 2016

A post written yesterday evokes the song “Yesterday” by The Beatles, specifically Paul McCartney. Two “yesterdays” ago, I attended Paul’s show at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.

Much needed sleep after dealing with the unbelievable traffic/logistical nightmare that is inherent in leaving events at the football stadium venue and my venting on football’s ills, have not decreased my slight disappointment in the great Sir Paul McCartney and the show.

He is still a fabulous singer and performer, looking great, married a third time and though it was somewhat difficult to hear from far away and high up in the football stadium, that honors among others, Leon Hess, to me one of many symbols of New York Jets’ failure to achieve, Mr. McCartney’s words and recollections provided great treasures.

While he sang “Hey Jude” and “Yesterday” the latter so appropriate, not because a post was published late, but because time waits for none, there were many great songs eschewed, in favor of so called new songs.

Sir Paul, not his fault a maniac did not kill him but did kill the more socially intense, fellow Beatle, John Lennon, now over 35 years of “yesterdays” ago, remarked how the venue had great cell phone (why those?) induced light during Beatles’ songs, but remained dark during the new songs.

He added in a nice?, certainly non confrontational tone, that he/they (his band was great) did not care.

Old songs, new songs and I think about another Sunday night? performance by Rick Nelson, the Traveling Man, who died far too young, doing so and his song “Garden Party.” At Madison Square Garden, they did not like Mr. Nelson’s choice of songs and he wrote about it in “Garden Party.”

My thoughts turn to just missing the Beatles perform, most notably at Shea Stadium in 1965. That stadium, Yankee Stadium for football and its original ground, even Giants Stadium, the first “greed run” by the (not to me, nor in reality) “sainted” late football Giants’ owner, Wellington Mara, are gone.

Five dollar bottled water and a lowest common denominator culture remain.

While Paul, so often even at this late date, performed meaningful songs with a magic corresponding with his great talent and yes wealth, two “yesterdays” ago, for startling, free market, high prices, could have and in my and so many other attendee’s opinions, SHOULD have done so more often.



Click below to view Paul McCartney singing his iconic song, “Yesterday”

As with certain hot dogs, Paul’s greatness means holding him to a higher standard and despite my complaints, seeing and hearing him perform is a treasured memory. Hopefully there are enough good “tomorrows” to make my “longing for yesterday” not as intense nor sad.


Paul McCartney – Yesterday – Live at Anfield, Liverpool 1st June


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