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Toned Down But Still Strong Packers/Colts Opinions And Notes

August 9, 2016

Though they did not clash in what would have been a meaningless exhibition game, a look at some “6” year history involving the teams scheduled to play two nights ago.

The Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts, the latter once the Baltimore Colts of the NFL Western Conference in which they engaged the Packers in epic 1960’s battles for that entity’s supremacy, each have a legitimate chance to make this year’s Super Bowl. Of course the odds are against each team but in neither case are they that  high.

Green Bay has won 3 of the 8 NFL titles in years ending in “6,” won in a championship game, be it the NFL Championship Game or The Super Bowl.

They did so in 1936 with the great receiver Don Hutson, thirty years later with 5 time championship quarterback, Bart Starr. Mr. Starr is vastly under rated, contrasted with Brett Favre, just inducted into the Football “Hall” and the quarterback on the 1996 Supe winning Packers.

Indianapolis with another over rated quarterback, the current defending Supe winning one,  Peyton Manning, copped a “6” year NFL crown in the 2006 season. In that Supe win on a rainy January 2007 night in Miami, a venue in which he failed in an AFC wild card game one of many big post season failures in his career, Manning did little in the victory. Sound familiar? He did even less but did win with the Denver Broncos in the most recent Super Bowl.

Memo to me—Do you think Manning cares about what I think of him? Do I over emphasize my strong opinion that he was essentially a big game failure? Is it even the least bit important? Answers are no, yes and no but I probably will keep doing it as a small voice in contrast to those like writer, Mike Lupica, who believe Manning was near, if not the top, in quarterback greatness.




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