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The Chicago Cubs Are So Likely To Win The N.L. Central

August 7, 2016

Right now it is almost certain the Chicago Cubs will finish first in an entity for the sixth time since last winning the National League Pennant in 1945.

If the Cubs’ lead holds and with the margin at ten and a half games, it almost certainly will, this would be the fourth “one eighth” division title for the Cubs, one of which was under Dusty Baker, whose current managed team, the Washington Nationals, trail the Cubs by three and a half games in the race for the National League one seed.

The other two were in consecutive years in 2007 and 2008 under manager Lou Pimiella but both times the Cubs were swept out in the division series, in 2008 with the N.L. one seed.

“Chi” won legitimate “one fourth” division titles under Jim Frey in 1984 and Don Zimmer in 1989. Current manager Joe Maddon likely will be the fifth  different manager to guide the Cubs to a first place finish, since Charlie Grimm managed the N.L. Pennant winning Cubs of 1945.


TCMA All Time Cubs 1977 Grimm


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