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Disputing But Posting David Schoenfeld’s Claim That Carlos Beltran Is A Hall Of Fame Baseball Player

August 4, 2016

In my not so humble opinion Carlos Beltran is not that close to being a Hall of Fame player. Yet I will copy Mr. Schoenfeld’s opinion that he is.

I truly believe one can write or report the era of baseball in which Beltran has played, to this point, continually leaving just before or arriving just after said teams win World Series crowns, without citing Carlos Beltran.

Beltran is a fine player but again in my opinion not even close to being as good as say Vada Pinson and Minnie Minoso, two who will never even be considered for “Hall” status.

Throw in Dwight Evans for sure and damn well better believe Bill Buckner was a better hitter. Anyway here is Schoenfeld’s version and by the way, Beltran traded from the unlikely post season entrant, New york Yankees to the very likely playoff entrant, Texas Rangers likely does get another chance for a title this season.

The words below calling Beltran a Hall of Fame player.

David SchoenfieldESPN Senior Writer

With his home run tonight, Carlos Beltran reached 1,500 career runs, to go with 1,508 career RBIs. He’s one of just 37 players to reach both milestones. He’s been a Gold Glove center fielder. He’s been one of the most efficient basestealers (311 SB, 49 CS). He’s been great in the postseason. Sounds like a Hall of Famer to me.



Minnie Minoso, pictured above.


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