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Reading And Dwight D. Eisenhower Appears

July 27, 2016

I am reading a number of books slowly, but concurrently (thank you great Library people, Linda, Rivkah and Jarrid for the encouraging words and education about the great things libraries offer) and will share an anecdote in each, involving Dwight David Eisenhower.

Each book is superb and reviews will follow. One is “The Steamer” “Bud Furillo And The Golden Age Of L.A. Sports,” by Bud’s son, Andy Furillo.

The other with an “Ike” story is “The Eternal Party” “understanding My Dad, Larry Hagman, The T.V. Star America Loved To Hate” by Larry’s daughter, Kristina Hagman with Elizabeth Kaye.

Before the two stories, read the same day, a third great book “We’re All in this Together” by Abe J. Sass is so good and inspiring, it need not cite (nor even like) Ike.

Andy Furillo using Bud’s notes, cites a 1961 intra-squad game involving the first year, Los Angeles Angels and Mr. Eisenhower, in just the second month after his presidency, is sitting in the Angels’ dugout, the game in Palm Springs, California.

Bud Furillo is munching a snow cone and surprised to see “Ike,” drops the snow cone, which splatters at Eisenhower’s feet.

Tomorrow another anecdote, involving Eisenhower, from Kristina Hagman.



Why a picture regarding the show “Happy Days?” In one episode son Richie (Ron Howard) will work for Adlai Stevenson and vs Dad (Tom Bosley) and Ike because the girls working for Adlai are more attractive.

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