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Pointing Out, That While Great, Vin Scully Does Not Walk On Water

July 27, 2016

Game 5 of the 1985 NLCS on a Monday afternoon, is about to begin and Vin Scully, working the game for NBC, with Joe Garagiola, is about to err.

He states the home team has been perfect in the LCS games to date (they were (9-1) which is excellent but NOT perfect, and minutes later after someone in Scully’s ear, (not his notes, written or mental), tells him, corrects himself, noting the Toronto Blue Jays’ road win at Kansas City, in game four, a day and a half earlier.

So much is written in this Vin Scully’s last year about his greatness, that while I agree (in essence and certainly relative to today’s team radio announcers) that he is/was great, I am reminded of Al “Grampa” Lewis or “Grampa Munster” Lewis’ statement, that in his many years on earth, he had yet to find anyone “who walks on water.”

Despite the media’s efforts, especially those of Tom Verducci, whose Sports Illustrated piece on Scully, made one think they were in St. Peter’s Square anointing, certainly praising a Pope, Scully does not walk on water either.

Furthermore, in my not so humble opinion, unlike the fictional “Chauncey Gardner,” in “Being There,” Scully as is the case with the rest of us, especially me, does not come close to doing so.



From “Being There,” the brilliant Peter Sellers, as “Chauncey Gardner.”

Please do not get too mad if you feel this unfair to Mr. Scully. First of all, his place in broadcasting history is secure, as for better or worse, he is considered baseball’s best, by consensus.

I grew up loving him and defending him almost as irrationally, as I feel his “walk on water” status purported by the likes of Mr.Verducci, is to me.

As his last season winds down, I will share memories and comments, so positive regarding Mr. Scully that you might say he does walk on water. Again nobody does!

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