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Thoughts In And Around “The Fan”

July 24, 2016

A reliable “source” informed me that “The Fan,” a long time baseball Giants’ fan dating back to their days as the New York Giants, attended the first two games of the Giants’ series at Yankee Stadium.

The teams exchanged one run wins and I realized things have changed regarding the Fan, who will not attend today’s rubber game of the series.

See in addition to 3 Giants’ titles all since 2010, the Fan has been blessed with grandchildren, all born since I attended a Giants at Yankees game with him in 2002, and that takes priority.

He is family “orientated” (of course the word is oriented!) said the source, as an explanation as to why the Bellman has not helped the source.

Somehow the gods/God/the force that controls these things, has blessed the very selfish Fan and his wife.

I might question this and much else as “Tevya” does in “Fiddler On The Roof,” but maybe the answer is beyond God’s “press kit.” My parents, if they were here, might say, keep my eyes on myself and I will do that, hoping and working and good things might just manifest.



Mr. Hemingway, I believe would be amused by all this, and perhaps surprised (“bells and whistles was said on the radio as I wrote and thought “bell”) that at times the bell tolls in ballparks, subways and other not so obvious places.


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