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Remembering Garry Marshall

July 24, 2016

A true comedic great, the highly successful Garry Marshall died last Tuesday at the age of 81.

I felt in touch with this man who gave us such television as “Happy Days,” “The Odd Couple, ” and “Laverne And Shirley” which co starred his sister Penny, in a positive way in 1975, telling all I can, “Happy Days” went from very good to better than great, with the added time given to the legendary television character, “The Fonz” played by Henry Winkler.

I have incredible memories of watching Happy Days and then game 3 of the great 1975 World Series on a Tuesday night in October, 1975. “Games People Play” by The Spinners rounds out the nice memory and Mr. Marshall’s greatness is all over it.

Marshall was behind that and his family and area backround, having grown up in an Italian family in the Bronx, was evident in his work.

Once on a Sunday morning interview, the day of the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl victory vs Peyton Manning and the favored Indianapolis Colts in early 2010, he talked of putting a couple in a room and hoping for a happy ending, with a kiss. That shaped many of his movies

Now Marshall, who saw the good in life and added to it with his great body of work, also never forgot people he met before achieving great success. In my next post I will recount a fine example.



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