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So Kershaw Lost, No Shock Even Surprise

June 27, 2016

Reading, (I should know better), you would think the dinosaurs came back and not just in Steve Spielberg’s imagination, such was the reaction to the Pittsburgh Pirates winning a regular season game vs regular season, surely not post-season (which, if anything is what counts) great, L.A. Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

A little info here, sorry it involves gambling terms. (once and for all I deplore what gambling has done but it is fueled yes by those who directly profit from it, but far worse by the media, leagues, and as Al Pacino’s “Michael Corleone” told the great character actor, G.D. Spradlin’s Senator character in “Two” “we are both part of the same hypocrisy”).

It is a vast understatement to say I am prone to “tangents,” but just one here. Yesterday Pete Rose’s number was retired. You know how I feel, it is a disgrace Pete is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Mr. Rose did gamble, and as is the case with almost all who do, did so poorly. He would try to get his losses back in the last game, most volume on Monday Night football.

Though baseball is not bet in the same stratosphere as “pig”/football/concussion causing,/sanctioned violence, some people down big said let’s “lay” 3 to 1 on the road with Kershaw and you saw the results. Not a big shock, even surprise to me.



Oh no, “The Bellman” probably made it to Las Vegas in time to go vs Kershaw, knowing the fools on the queue in front and behind him, were betting on Kershaw/aka, the significant “chalk” pictured above.

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