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A Week Later, Perspective? On The Cavs Title And Warriors’ Lack Thereof

June 27, 2016

A week later, it still bothers me and likely will for a long time, that the 57 win, “played nobody until the finals,” Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the 73 win, “had to beat a very good “OKC” team in the semis,” Golden State Warriors.

One more opinion, then a fact and soon I will let this go, (actually NO because as with the 2007 Giants beating the undefeated Patriots and others that did not bother me subjectively, the Cavs’ title, more to the point, the denial of such to the Warriors’ is historic.)

The opinion is that Steph Curry’s play was horrible in the biggest game of all. Klay Thompson was not much better and though Draymond Green could not deliver down the stretch, his fine game 7 illustrated just how big a “game changer” his suspension for game 5 proved to be.

I credit the Cavaliers for taking advantage and said all along, they were a viable threat and having to beat just one good team were clearly capable of doing so.

Consider the fact the Warriors’ 9 playoffs losses matched their total for the entire season! Enough said but there will be more, after all, no matter whom one supported, this was sports history!




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