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The NBA And ABC Do Not Deserve A Seventh Game, But What Silver Wanted, Silver Got

June 19, 2016

Tonight’s seventh game of the NBA Finals to be contested between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, will be the first played on a Sunday since 1974, when the Boston Celtics won the title at Milwaukee vs the Bucks, with a third road win the series. That game was played in the afternoon, imagine that!

“Bucks” of a different kind are relevant tonight as this game, of course in prime television time, will be a big ratings bonanza for the NBA and one of its television partners Disney/ABC.

No game in this series has been decided by less than 11 points. Tonight I sense ABC will get at least a close game and maybe a true down to the wire classic.

Considering the circumstances involved in them getting a 7th game, taking a little but still giving LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the Cavaliers credit–ABC and as has been my opinion all year, the Cavaliers do not deserve it.

However, they will play the game and if the Cavaliers hand the Warriors a 9th playoff loss, matching their regular season total, (think about that!!), it will be the Cavaliers remembered and the record breaking Warriors largely forgotten.



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