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More Sunday Playoff Notes

June 19, 2016

No matter which team prevails in tonight’s “winner take all,” NBA Finals 7th game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, this will be the fourth time since at least 1966, both the NHL and NBA titles were clinched in Sunday games.

2016 will join 1974 as the only years, again since at least 1966, that the titles were clinched on Sundays one week apart.

In each case, the NHL champion won the title first.

In 1974, the Boston Celtics won the NBA Finals in 7, a week later the Philadelphia Flyers won the Stanley Cup Finals in six games. Last Sunday, the Pittsburgh Penguins also won a 6 game NHL Final to claim the “top prize.” (Neither Ed McMahon nor his ghost appeared in the Pens’ locker room as far as anyone knows.” Tonight a week later, the NBA champion will be determined.

In 1987, the NHL champion won the title 2 weeks before the NBA champion. By the way those champions were the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL and Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, one of 3 times the two teams “titled” in the same season.

I believe only the dynastic Montreal Canadiens and Boston Celtics (9 times), won more NHL/NBA titles in the same season.

One of those seasons was 1976 when 3 weeks apart each on a Sunday, first the Montreal Canadiens swept the NHL Finals in 4 straight games and the Boston Celtics won the title in 6 finals games.

This year is the first of the 4 “both on Sundays NHL/NBA clinchers,” not involving the Philadelphia Flyers, who lost in both 1976 and 1987 and neither the Boston Celtics nor Los Angeles. Lakers.



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