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It Is Not “Bonanza” On NBC, But Same Sunday Night Ratings Bonanza, This For Disney As The NBA Finals Go 7.

June 17, 2016

The Cleveland Cavaliers sprinted to a 20 point lead after the first quarter and eased to another double digit win to force a game 7 at Golden State (Warriors) on Sunday night.

Once the television show “Bonanza” was a ratings bonanza for NBC on Sunday nights, now this is a ratings bonanza for ABC/ESPN/Disney this Sunday.

The great player, LeBron James scored over 40 points for the second straight game, with his team facing elimination.

Before this finals series, the Warriors franchise had never failed to clinch a title when it was possible in a given game (4-0). Now that record is (4-2).

Conversely, the Cavs were (0-2) facing elimination in the finals, and are now (2-2).

The Cavaliers will play in a game in which a victory means a title for the first time in the 46 year history of the franchise. This will be the third time a Cleveland team (the old Browns, Indians and Cavaliers once each) have a chance with a win in a game, to win its league’s title since the last Cleveland sports crown.

The Browns, who failed in that 1965 title game on a Sunday at Green Bay vs the Packers, won the last Cleveland title the year before on Sunday, December 27,1964.

The Indians lost game 7 of the 1997 World Series on a Sunday night, at Florida vs the Marlins.

Now a third different team plays a road 7th, Sunday game for “all the marbles” (cue Peter Falk) on a third different major over the air network. The Browns lost on CBS, the Indians on NBC and the Cavaliers get their shot on ABC.

Who but me?!!



Wasn’t Silver a if not the key to Nevada money? Wasn’t one of the Cartwright sons named Adam?!!

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