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Playoffs Notes

June 16, 2016

With the Cleveland Cavaliers’ win in game 6 that forces a winner take all game 7 Sunday night at Golden State, there was no exact match in the same year’s NBA and NHL finals for the 68th time in 69 possibilities.

Only in 1995 when the teams sans home advantage, the NBA Houston Rockets and NHL New Jersey Devils each swept their finals opponents, winning the first two games on the road before returning home to claim the title with 2 wins has there ever been that exact configuration in both the NBA and NHL finals in the same year.

Golden State, stunned by the suspension of Draymond Green lost game 5 at home and did not even show up last night in Cleveland where a win by G.S. would have both finals the same with each going 6 games.

Speaking of “6” the last 4 NBA finals in years ending in 6 had gone 6 games. Additionally the 1956 final won by the Philadelphia Warriors in 5 and the 1966 final won by the Boston Celtics in 7 games averaged 6, but alas the Warriors were not only out of 3’s, and the game, but also 6’s.



Someone at the back of the table yelled NO six. He looked like Adam Silver.

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