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Baseball Notes

June 17, 2016

There are 3 inter league baseball series this weekend, one a redux of a World Series that as with this year’s NBA Finals went to a seventh and deciding game.

That series is Texas (Rangers) visiting the St. Louis Cardinals, the venue at which the Cards won an epic 6th game and then the crown in the seventh game of the 2011 World Series vs Texas.

Elsewhere, two teams with 3 consecutive World Series wins face and host teams that lost in their only W.S. appearance.

The Giants, winners of the last 3 “even year” titles host the Tampa Rays, who lost in their only World Series appearance (I refuse to type/write “app” leave that for the phones) under Joe Maddon in 2008.

Meanwhile the Cincinnati Reds, winners in their last 3 World Series, the last 2 in sweeps (1976 and 1990, the former vs player Lou Piniella and the Yankees, the latter with him as Reds’ manager) combining with the #7 win in 1975, to have a 9 game W.S. win skein, host the Houston Astros.

From 1969-2011, the teams were housed in the N.L. West and in the same entity since the Astros commenced play in what was a great National League, as the Colt 45’s in 1962.

Houston was swept by the Chicago White Sox in their lone W.S. appearance.



Lou Piniella, “in the day” pictured above.

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