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Regarding The Cavaliers, LeBron James And The So Weak NBA Eastern Conference

June 13, 2016

For the record, I wrote this weeks ago, waiting for a time to post it. Yesterday’s ruling suspending Draymond Green which I consider terribly wrong on so many levels, only adds “fuel to the fire.”

The Cleveland  Cavaliers started their season knowing a finals berth was theirs.

Star player, LeBron James, as stated here before, a magnificent player, one hyped far too much both good and bad in his ballyhooed career, knew the East was weak and the Cavaliers, a team he left years back, were a good choice for him.

Unlike so many who begrudge James and other prima donna athletes, while I think it horrible they get and teachers, nurses and other far more meaningful workers do not, I understand, or at least accept free enterprise.

Yet as I said so many years back when Reggie Jackson complete with (otter I believe) fur coat broke the then less money filled bank to sign with the New York Yankees and not the Montreal Expos— it is the fact that decision and especially ones in 5 man basketball, that truly affect the competitive nature of the game, that I find quite objectionable.



I doubt the cavemen grunted either literally or figuratively that so and so  had an easier walk to get food. I hope I am gaining perspective on these matters.

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