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NHL Western Conference Final Update And Notes/Opinions

May 18, 2016

Brent Burns (remember White Sox pitcher, Britt Burns?) scored two goals and goaltender Martin Jones notched his second shutout of these playoffs, as the San Jose Sharks, for the first time in their history, are at least (1-1) after two games of an NHL semi-final series, after posting a (4-0) series squaring win at St. Louis, vs the Blues in game 2 of their NHL “semi.”

The Sharks (0-3) in previous semis (the Blues are (0-2) since winning all 3 in the expansion NHL West (1968-1970), are now (3-7) in road semi-finals games, breaking a 7 game losing streak in such games last night.

Play in the series resumes tomorrow night in San Jose, where the Sharks are just (1-6) in semi-final games.

Probably more relevant, the Blues are (5-2) on the road in these playoffs, while the Sharks, who struggled a bit at home during the virtually meaningless regular season, are (5-1) at home in these playoffs.

I say “Whatever Bettman (NHL commissioner ) Wants, Bettman Gets,” applies and both semis, this one and Pittsburgh Penguins/Tampa Bay Lightning in the East, now (1-1) will be (2-2) and certainly can go “ching/ching” 7 games.

By the way if that does happen, at least give me Mike Emrick,  not Kenny Albert, on both game 7 “calls” for NBC’s “family” of networks. The trip which in that scenario would not be that far, from Pittsburgh to St. Louis and though Albert is no “world beater” at hockey play by play, it is no disgrace to lose a game 7 assignment to Mike Emrick. Some history on this in a future post.




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