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NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Update: Cavaliers So Likely To Be In The NBA Finals

May 18, 2016

The Cleveland Cavaliers are both very good and very lucky.

They are playing great basketball in the NBA playoffs, raising their record to (9-0) by dismantling the Toronto Raptors in their NBA Eastern Conference finals opening game last night.

Sure routing a team in game 1 often does not augur well for the team doing the routing, witness the just completed eventual Oklahoma City Thunder quarterfinal series vs the San Antonio Spurs in which the Spurs routed the Thunder in game one.

However even though that was a big upset, as the Thunder were two and a half to one series underdogs before getting routed, the Raptors were overwhelming 9 to 1, or higher series underdogs before being routed in game 1. This despite the fact they won 56 regular season games, just one less than the Cavaliers.

The very lucky part concerning the Cavs, is obvious. They are beating the teams put in front of them (the abrasive, so often wrong Charles Barkley may be right in saying Cleveland would not lose a game within the NBA East in the playoffs) but alas are doing so, while three teams all on par if not better than them are for the most part facing each other.




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