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Updated NBA Predictions

May 6, 2016

Both the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will gain at least one road win at Portland (Trail Blazers) and Atlanta (Hawks) respectively, before their quarterfinal series end, likely in no more than 5, and certainly not six games.

These four teams are the only ones among the 32 teams that qualified for the NBA and NHL playoffs, that have not lost at home, as of yet.

In the other NBA quarterfinal  series in progress, I will stay with my San Antonio Spurs in 6 vs the Oklahoma City Thunder prediction, strongly “advising” the Spurs to win in tonight’s game 3, at “OKC.”

The Miami Heat, able to split in 2 overtime games at Toronto vs the Raptors, will win that series in 6 games.

However, it will not be easy. They will give up the home advantage they gained with their split in Toronto. Heat, however, will win games 3,5 and 6 and go on to face the Cleveland Cavaliers (Dwyane Wade vs LeBron James) in what will be a hyped NBA “semi,” though not nearly as much as the imminent Warriors/Spurs “semi.”




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