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NHL Update: NHL West Series Are Even

May 6, 2016

Maybe, even likely, Washington Capitals’ coach Barry Trotz has a point in saying the NHL does have preferences as to which teams win. Certainly the league and its commissioner Gary Bettman, prefer long series and overtime games.

Last night, to the tune of “Whatever Lola Wants,” (Lola Gets,”), substitute Bettman for “Lola,” as both Western Conference game winners, the Dallas Stars (vs the St. Louis Blues) and Nashville Predators (vs the San Jose Sharks) squared their quarterfinal series at 2 apiece with overtime wins. Score it “jackpot” for Mr. Bettman.

So as a reward, the Stars must play a noon local time, pivotal (ESPN’s Steve Levy once called a decisive game 7, “pivotal”) 5th game vs the Blues tomorrow. I hope the game goes 8 overtimes or long enough that NBC will switch from it to its Kentucky Derby coverage, as happened at least once,  before the Preakness Stakes in 2007.

For the record, other than the play by play announcers, who have little in the way of play by play skills even for television (ie on the game winner for Dallas, at least identify the eventual scorer as he took a pass from 3 time Stanley Cup winner “con” Chicago, Patrick Sharp, but did not), the games are good. Mike Fisher won it for Nashville in the third overtime while Cody Eakin was the Dallas scorer, “play by play man,” John Forslund was late to identify.

Click below to view the great Gwen Verdon’s “Whatever Lola Wants,” from “Damn Yankees.”

Whatever Lola Wants, Damn Yankees.



Patrick Sharp, pictured above, was not retained by the Chicago Blackhawks, for whom he helped win 3 Stanley Cup crowns. While “Chi” was ousted in the first round of this year’s playoffs, Sharp and the Dallas Stars play on.


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