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NFC Update and giving opinions.

November 23, 2015

The Carolina Panthers raised their record to (10-0) with a victory vs the Washington Redskins. They as a veritable Rodney Dangerfield “get no respect,” witness the fact they are 1 point underdogs at Dallas vs the Cowboys in one of the upcoming traditional games, this Thursday.

Elsewhere again Al Michaels and NBC “got” a field goal/close game thus boosting NBC, an event that does not thrill me.

However that does not take away from the fact that the Arizona Cardinals (Michaels attended Arizona State University) are (8-2) after winning by 3 as 4 point favorites vs fellow (8-2)/division leader Cincinnati (Bengals) in the Sunday night game. I went to sleep, watched little if any, and the sun came up this morning.

Elsewhere once prohibitive division favorite Green Bay (Packers) will again gain that status after the “Pack” won at Minnesota, in a battle of (7-3) NFC North teams.

The idle “Hackensack” Giants moved 1 game ahead in the woeful NFC East after both the (4-6) Philadelphia Eagles (Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers ripped the Eagles) and Washington Redskins, as cited above lost.


Looking at this iconic Neil Leifer photo of Yankee Stadium during a football  Giants game, my mood brightens and I recall Al Michaels and his greatest call.– NO NOT THAT EXPONENTIALLY OVER Rated OLYMPIC “call,” (more a rhetorical, perhaps existential, question as Michaels himself admits he is/was not a hockey broadcaster), but of Johnny Bench’s game tying home run in the decisive 5th game of the 1972 NLCS.

Click below for “Alfalfa’s” great call of Bench’s home run and subsequent call of the Reds winning the 1972 pennant.

Reds Win 1972 NLCS – YouTube


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