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No NFL Predictions, Comments on College Football

November 22, 2015

After a (3-0) day yesterday in college football, I will offer advice but not predictions regarding upcoming NFL games.

I truly do not see anything that stands out. when that is the case do not bet and even when you must please be careful doing so.

Relax Ohio State fans and star runner, Ezekiel Elliott. You “stole” the title last year as the team should not have been afforded the opportunity to be in the playoff.

To the Ohio State team’s credit, they won twice as a one touchdown underdog and claimed a third title in my time, the others in 1968 and 2002.

On a personal note, they let me down so many times when I rooted for them from say 1967-(say)- 1978.

Yesterday’s loss with Elliott’s post game comments about leaving school, (he still may stay, but also likely would have left no matter the season result), was eerily reminiscent for Buckeye fans of  a game played November 22, 1969 at Michigan.

I do not trust any documentaries and their facts which say Ohio State was a 17 point favorite in that 1969 game. Somehow I never asked the late Beano Cook the line that day, but say it was 17 points, the game yesterday with Ohio State a 15 plus point favorite, surely is similar.

Though I rooted for Ohio State in those years, I was warned and realized what Woody Hayes was and was not. He was as with Bob Knight an  over the top militaristic, temper flaring man. Unlikein my opinion, Hayes so conservative with his  “run, run play calling,” was not all that good a coach.

Yet I rooted for them and the teams from (1968-1970) with Rex Kern as quarterback, were tremendous ones. The 1969 loss that day, six years after the tragic loss of President Kennedy, truly hurt.

That aside, clearly had Ohio State won that game in 1969, they would have repeated as college football champions.

If they had won yesterday, they still needed 4 more wins and I believe I stated they would not repeat as champions this year.

Finally regarding Beano and other things “Cook,” Michigan State won yesterday without top notch quarterback Connor Cook. A backup named O’ Connor, far from stellar, bravely directed the victory.

Beano had a dear friend named O’ Connor, who preceded Beano to heaven or at least a place to talk college football in peace and without the inane commentary so prevalent via media outlets today.

Before this season  Beano “surely” said that Ohio State would not go (12-0), thus taking under 11 and one half wins as a wager proposition regarding their season. That notion  manifested yesterday, Beano if not a Cook all UNDER yesterday’s ouster of Ohio State.

PS Beano Need and needed your “help” to stop Notre Dame. I  “Know” what Beano is/would say “we are in trouble.”


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