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World Series Notes

October 31, 2015

After the New York Mets (9-3) victory in game 3 of a World Series the K.C. Royals now lead two games to one, some notes, as usual not found in too many, if any other outlets.

Maybe someone noted it, but incredibly, after the Mets’ second batter in game 3, David Wright hit a two run home run, the Mets have now hit a home run before making an out in four of their 5 games three of a World Series.

Tom Agee (1969), Wayne Garrett (1973) and Len Dykstra (1986) all hit lead off home runs in game three, Dykstra’s homer leading off the game on the road.

The Mets are now (4-1) in game three of the World Series while the Royals whose Friday night post-season record dropped to (8-2), lost for the first time in four games three of the World Series.

Among the 16 (more or less) original major league teams/franchises and the first four expansion teams that started play in 1961 and 1962, only the Mets have never been swept in a post season series.


David Wright pictured above.

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