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A Prediction and a Remembrance Concerning John F. Kennedy’s Speech at Rice University

October 30, 2015

In a great and visionary speech at Rice University in 1962, United States president John F. Kennedy talked of reaching higher and of giving a great effort. One of his goals was the space program and to get to the moon.

Yet the speech resonates on a far greater level, evoking past discovery and urging us to try harder and take on challenging goals.

Toward that end, he asked “why does Rice, (a vast underdog at that time and most every time),? play Texas?”

From the ashes of all that went wrong, culminating in tragedy in the same state of Texas when President Kennedy was tragically killed and all the horror since—on an exponentially lighter note, I ask why does Rice play Louisiana Tech tonight.

One reason is revenue, as in money not the people who stop alcohol production from stills, the other as part of another vice, is that the Rice Owls will cover the spread as ten and a half point underdogs tonight.

Nobody can know for sure but I believe fervently that the vast macro and micro slides relevant to me, began when the visionary John F. Kennedy was killed.

Click below for President Kennedy’s Speech at Rice University in 1962

JFK – We choose to go to the Moon, full length



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