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More Perspective/Opinion on the “Jeter/Rivera” Yankees

July 30, 2015

While of the opinion, as expressed here yesterday, that both Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter were over rated, they along with Bernie Williams are three outstanding players, who helped the Yankees win 4 World titles in 5 seasons under manager Joe Torre, the latter, another reason the Yankees became more palatable.

The bigger reason for liking these players and even the highly over rated Jorge Posada, was that they were “home grown,” not bought and paid for by George Steinbrenner’s $$.

Jeter went out on the town, (most of you would too if you could), but unlike others was protected from intense media scrutiny. He is an admirable, non “trouble maker” but sitting home (on nights not out on the town) ordering Chinese food and staying “football fields” away from controversy, is not going to change things for the better.

He was a clutch player who delivered big hits for Yankees’ title teams but let’s not confuse him with Reggie Jackson, Tommy Henrich nor Thurman Munson in that department.

Yet, I went along with it, not even battling him in the early years, but then watching intensely as he stood in, stepped out in his “think walk first” “wait for the pitch” style, preached correctly, but to the detriment of the once great game, by Yankees and Red Sox coaches alike.

In subsequent short series, save 2009 which was Alex Rodriguez’ redemption, the Yankees facing too many playoffs were stopped, which puts their 4 titles in 5 seasons in a brighter light.

It is one similar to great New York Islanders’ teams in hockey, a team that won so many series in a row to reach 5 straight Stanley Cup finals, winning four.

The Islanders were not hockey’s greatest team ever, but rank closer in their sport, than the so called “Jeter/Rivera” Yankees.

Concerning the latter, I never would have put them “there” (baseball’s greatest, or close to it) anyway, but since Mr. Rivera failed on those aforementioned 3 post season occasions, the numbers did not put them there either.

Jeter and Rivera

Jeter and Rivera

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