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Yankees Rage and Points of All Sorts

July 29, 2015

It is not the 21 runs they scored in last night’s victory on the road vs the Texas Rangers (though quite impressive) nor even their stellar play that makes me reasonably “sure” (few things are sure) the New York Yankees will win their first A.L. East title since 2012.

At this point, it is their seven game lead, but all year it has been the nature of the division, which is very weak.

The Yankees “ran with the weak pack” but now have exploded as they did last night, winning 9 of 11 since the All Star break and 13 of 16 overall to take a nice divisional lead.

Alex Rodriguez, disliked by so many including a talented, hard working “non record buyer,” who might want to look at his incredible RECORD, has been a big factor for the Yankees.

However,  the race in the division is not over and winning it really only “buys” the Yankees a “one eighth division.”

This year the Yankees did not have media favorites like the “teflon” Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, a “deity,” who thrice blew playoff games in series lost by the Yankees, and it makes them so much more palatable.

My not so subtle “knocks” above are not so much to denigrate either Jeter or Rivera, each deserving of Hall of Fame status, but to build Mr. Rodriguez, whom as with Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and the “current” Tom Brady “suffers,” unfairly via the media and in public perception. All are among the greats in the “not worth the aggravation” sports world.

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