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Comments Regarding Ernie Banks and Joe Torre

February 10, 2015

I watched Joe Torre’s speech at services held for the recently departed great Chicago Cubs’ baseball player, Ernie Banks.

Torre, as was the case with all that met Banks, talked of Ernie’s warm ways which included his famous optimistic “let’s play two,” that is forever associated with Mr. Cub (Banks).

At some point, Torre brought up something I knew but did not immediately associate between Banks and Torre.

As I pointed out in my tribute to Banks when he died, he was certainly one of the greatest players never to appear in a post season game.

Torre, himself, in my book, a near great player and certainly a great hitter, also never played in a post season game.

His luck changed when he became Yankees’ manager and the team’s success for over a decade under Torre, which included an incredible 4 titles in 5 seasons added to his fine playing career, rightfully got Torre into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I know that Torre appreciates his great fortune in managing the Yankees, meanwhile Banks great playing career and his great name is not diminished by the fact he never made it the post season.

Ernie Banks was one in a million–as friendly as could be with a big heart. We should all strive to be more like him.

Click here to watch Joe Torre at the Ernie Banks memorial service


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