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Rick’s Cabaret to Hold New York’s Hottest Big Game After Party

January 30, 2015

Where to watch the game? Hardcore fans may stay home glued to the TV. But following the game, an annual tradition for guys is the decidedly unofficial after-party at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club known for its beautiful entertainers, luxurious setting, and warm hospitality.

Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Bella explained, “Sunday night is gonna be so awesome! I don’t care what team you like. Win or lose, Rick’s Cabaret is the place to be! If your team wins, we do the sexiest victory dances you’ve ever seen. If they lose, we’ll make you forget all about the game. Haha!”

“Nobody throws a party like Rick’s Cabaret,” purred Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girl Alison.

Named “The #1 Strip Club in New York” by Playboy, Rick’s Cabaret is the club of choice for an upscale clientele including Wall Street bankers and brokers, numerous celebrities, and pro athletes from all the major sports. It features a gourmet steakhouse and balcony seating on its second floor, deluxe Sky Boxes on its third floor, and a Roof Top Cigar Lounge and Garden.

Ricks Super Bowl 029

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