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Not So Neutral Comments About Neutral Network Announcer Al Michaels

January 29, 2015

This will be the tenth Super Bowl being telecast by what I call the “neutral network” i.e. not the AFL, AFC, NFL nor NFC network.

All but one of those telecasts including the upcoming one, the game matching the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, featured Al Michaels as the play by play announcer.

It took until the 1984 season and the 19th Super Bowl, before a “neutral network”– ABC, gained Super Bowl telecast rights.

The only previous “neutral network” game without Al Michaels, featured Frank Gifford as the play by play man in 1984.  A former great running back named O.J. Simpson was assigned to the “loser’s lockeroom.” That was something I deemed appropriate at the time due to his team’s failures. In light of all, how childish on my part!

In eight of the nine previous  “neutral network” telecasts, Al Michaels handled to play-by play.  Michaels, I feel,  epitomizes the “be careful what you wish for” bromide.

Surely Al, in his sleep was a better baseball announcer than Keith Jackson, whose skills were better suited for football, especially college. Thus I hoped Michaels would get more and more work. He did and his cup runneth over with success, even two Stanley Cups for his favorite hockey team, the Los Angeles Kings.

His success is an example of good happening to a not so good guy in my opinion. “References” are on file as I will not air it at this point.

Michaels’ phony, elongated play by play (the kick isssssssss good) is rank amateur. Few out there are any good, witness Kevin Harlan, as the big game’s radio voice.

Stay well Al and keep working. I will stop complaining for fear of whom will replace you when your inevitable retirement takes place.

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