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A Talk With Three Giants

September 21, 2013

The San Francisco Giants won it all in both 2010 and 2012. Each title season was followed by a really bad season. It is pretty clear to me, this is a great period for the Giants. Winning one title is hard enough, no less winning two.

This past week I had a chance to talk with three classy members of the Giants organization. I will share a highlight and some comments on each person.

Duane Kuiper is a fine S.F. Giant’s broadcaster, working on television in the Bay area with Mike Krukow. Duane also hit but one home run in 3,379 official at bats, the most number of at bats for a player with exactly one home run in his career.

Kuiper told me that unless the other four would have been game ending or grand slams, he is glad that he hit but one home run and not five.

Next, I spoke to near namesake Madison Bumgarner (we laughed at the various mispronunciations of our names, mine is Baumgarten).

Madison is very proud of being a big part of two title teams. He was very humble as we talked of his great pitching performance in the key game 4 victory, at Texas, vs the Rangers in the 2010 World Series.

He was equally proud of his wife Ali’s charity work in the Bay area. Again humble, even concerning his “better half,” he cited the other Giant’s wives and their contributions.

It was refreshing to see and meet a truly talented, classy young player. I am glad we have similar last names.

Last, but certainly not least, I had a meaningful conversation with a still young looking, but “wise beyond his still young years,” Dave Righetti, the longtime Giant’s pitching coach.

David realizes how fortunate he is to have lasted so long in the game. We talked about his no hitter, 30 years ago, when he pitched with the New York Yankees.

We talked about disappointments he overcame including those involving the Yankees’ near misses in the very competitive AL East of the 1980’s. I added and he knew how different things were when a team had to win its division to qualify for the playoffs.

Righetti has come out “the other side” from any disappointments and is a funny, personable man. He also happens to be a great pitching coach.

There is much good in someone like Righetti being a part of two World Series winning teams in three seasons.

Dave was nice enough to send a personal message to a friend and Giants fan. Having told Dave my friend does “second guess” certain managerial decisions, he greeted my friend and said he was glad that he was a Giants fan.

He added “watch the second guessing but we will consult with you first.” That comment made me laugh and capped my chats with three good Giants, who more important, are good people.

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