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Steve Levy’s Ridiculous NBA/NHL Comparison

May 30, 2013

The Chicago Blackhawks got a goal from Brent Seabrook in overtime to beat the Detroit Red Wings in seven games. Thus Chicago a three to one series favorite, avoided an upset.

However,  ESPN’s Steve Levy was horribly wrong in comparing the hockey Detroit Red Wings’ 3 games to one lead vs Chicago to a hypothetical three games to one lead for the basketball Miami Heat vs the Milwaukee Bucks. He said the two “were equivalent.”

First of all the Heat did play the Bucks and were fifty to one favorites. That is the best measure of how outrageous  Levy’s “This is the equivalent of ” comparison sounded.

Also, look at history and how often big upsets occur in hockey as compared to basketball. There is also the nature of the sport which leaves hockey favorites so much more susceptible to upsets than basketball teams.

The sad thing is no one called Levy on this outrage just as no one did when he called a seventh game, which of course is decisive, “pivotal.”

Levy also sat there when Barry Melrose said the Kings did not lose at home in last year’s playoffs. He, nor any of the production team, made the correction.

Does it matter if statements are accurate or will the ridiculous opinions, shoddy research and overall lack of standards continue?! I am afraid we know that answer.


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