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NHL Notes Includes Barry Melrose’s Factual Error

May 29, 2013

The Los Angeles Kings defeated the San Jose Sharks four games to three, with each team winning all their home games. The defending champion, Kings will face the winner of tonight’s Detroit Red Wings/Chicago Blackhawks game in the semi- final round.

ESPN analyst Barry Melrose was incorrect when he said the Kings did not lose at home last season when they won the Stanley Cup.

The New Jersey Devils down three games to none temporarily prevented a celebration for the Kings and their fans, by winning game four of last year’s finals. After also losing game five at New Jersey, the Kings clinched their first title by winning game six at home. This year they are (7-0) at home in the playoffs.

The Kings are the only team in either the NHL or NBA still playing that has not lost at home in the playoffs. The playoffs  have 32 teams, 16 in the NHL and the same number in the NBA.

The San Jose Sharks, who were (5-0) at home in these playoffs are the first team in a long time to go at least two rounds without losing a home playoff game.

The last team to win the Stanley Cup without losing at home were the 1988 Edmonton Oilers. In the 41 completed NHL seasons from (1971-2012) which were post expansion and also with no all expansion team division, only four times has the Stanley Cup winner not lost at home.

Those teams were the Edmonton Oilers in both 1985 and 1988, the Montreal Canadiens in 1976 and the Philadelphia Flyers in 1976.

The New York Islanders won four straight Stanley Cup titles from 1980-1983 but did not accomplish the feat and the Canadiens, who won four straight Cups (1976-1979) did it only once.

Video: Wayne Gretzky’s 1988 Stanley Cup Ring

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