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Super Bowl Telecast Notes

January 27, 2013

There is one meaningful football game left (the total on the meaningless Pro Bowl is 85 points which tells you all you need to know about that game’s intensity) and then no more football.

Of course the meaningful game is the 47th Super Bowl being telecast by the AFC network since 1998, and the NFC/NFL network from before 1966 and the first Super Bowl until 1993, namely CBS.

This will be the 18th Super Bowl telecast (one was shared with NBC, something as NBC broadcaster that day, Curt Gowdy, said you very likely will never see again) by CBS. The NFC/NFL teams went (8-5) in the CBS televised games, three of the five losses coming to powerful repeat AFC champions (the Miami Dolphins in 1973,and the Pittsburgh Steelers in both 1975 and 1979). The AFC team has won three of the four previous Supes telecast by CBS since it became the AFC network in 1998.

Returning to the shared telecast by CBS and NBC of the first Super Bowl, played after the 1966 season, and referring to the competition caused, pressure between the two networks, the late Charlie Jones got off a great line. He said “After the first verb, we’ll be fine.”

Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones


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