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So Few of the Great Games Were Preserved

January 25, 2013

So much of not all that distant sports history was not preserved. What I would not give to be able to see and hear the actual telecasts and broadcasts of sports events just since 1960 or so. However, most if not all of the great games of the ’60’s and ’70’s was not preserved. What a sin!

I look at “You Tube” and see some of what does exist in its original form and sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. Yet there is no real play by play of the “Ice Bowl,” the classic 1967 NFL Title game nor most of the World Series games of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Some were preserved but so few that it is both sad and pathetic.

Here are some notes regarding the Monday Night Football highlights narrated by Howard Cosell on September 28, 1970. First off, one can enjoy these on “You Tube.” This was just the second regular season Monday Night Game on ABC (by the way the NFL on CBS had at least one Monday Night Game and I recall  the late, great, and at a time homeless, Travis Williams returning a kickoff for a Green Bay Packers touchdown in the contest.) The once AFL, and now AFC, Kansas City Chiefs lead the NFL and also now AFC, Baltimore Colts (31-7) at halftime. The Chiefs went on to rout the Colts but KC never manifested as the team of the ’70’s. After winning the last NFL vs AFL Super Bowl after the 1969 season, the Chiefs have not made the Super Bowl in the 47 seasons since. They have made only one “semi-final” losing to the Buffalo Bills in the 1993 AFC Championship game. The Colts went on to win the first NFC/AFC format Super Bowl that same 1970 season.

31 was an operative number at that early point in Monday Night Football. The Cleveland Browns had won the first Monday night game (31-21) vs the New York Jets. As mentioned the Chiefs had 31 points at halftime and one of the highlighted games as narrated by Mr.Cosell, was the Jets’ (31-21) win vs the then, Boston Patriots in the second game of the 1970 season.

Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl

Ice Bowl

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