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Double the Digits, Likely Cards/Tigers

October 19, 2012

Double the digits and you have the very likely 2012 World Series matchup. I realized it too late to “do anything about it” but alas the Cardinals and Tigers met in the 1934 World Series and then (double the year’s two digits) again in the 1968 Fall Classic. Now after meeting in the 2006 World Series, they very likely will meet in the (double the year’s defining digits six to twelve) 2012 World Series. Keep reading this blog until 2024 when the “doubling” may happen again!

The Cardinals won in seven games in 1934 and in five games in 2006. The Tigers overcame a three games to one deficit to beat the Cardinals in the 1968 World Series. The defending World Champion Cardinals have won 11 World titles, but have never won in consecutive years. (The Yankees have won 27 World titles: an amazing 5 consecutive years once, 4 consecutive years once, 3 consecutive years once (under manager Joe Torre) and 2 consecutive years three times.) By far the closest the Cardinals ever came to two in a row was was in 1968, before losing to Detroit, circumstances cited above.

It is noteworthy that if the Cardinals and Tigers meet this year, it is during the first year of the “five teams from each league making the tournament format.” Their 1968 World Series clash was the last “one team from each league into the World Series format.” The new playoff format gets me depressed. But when I think back to ’68 and Tiger’s Al Kaline’s big hit in game five, and Jim Northrup’s big hits in games six and seven it alleviates the pain.

Actually, this would be a good World Series matchup in which the Tigers will be the favorites (I say seven to five). However, remember the Cardinals will have home advantage in the “Classic” and the team that has enjoyed that advantage has truly “enjoyed” it (ie won the Series) an incredible 21 times in the last 26 World Series. One of the exceptions was the Cards’ 2006 triumph vs the Tigers.

I am posting this before game five of the NLCS realizing full well, that the Cardinals, though playing at home in game 5 could easily lose the game. If that were to happen the series would head back to SF and anything could happen. Wonder if the TV network crew assigned to the game in St. Louis today wants to go back to San Francisco or conceivably wait in St. Louis for game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday, five days hence?

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