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“Times Talks: Yoko Ono”

October 18, 2012

Yoko Ono is an incredible woman who offered a glimpse into her life when she was interviewed by Michael Kimmelman as part of the wonderful “Times Talks” series. Ms. Ono has a new book called “An Invisible Flower,” written years before she met her future husband John Lennon.

The interview was supplemented by some incredible footage and “home movies” of Yoko’s life. Insight was gained into what makes this peace loving woman tick. The home movies showed Yoko as a child while she talked of her family members and their place in society as long standing members in the banking field. But there was art in the dreams of her family and of course Yoko circumvented the dynamic of family/established work vs art and made her way as an internationally recognized, versatile artist.

Yoko showed some of her work and at one point asked audience members to come up and “wrap” her as she sat in a chair. Other examples of her performance art were shown on the screen throughout the interview. There was great material shown of Yoko’s appearances over the years. She was ahead of her time on many key issues, not the least of which, her stand against the hypocrisy regarding women in this society.

Kimmelman conducted the interview in a nice low key manner and Yoko was forthcoming. While nothing earth shattering was revealed, Yoko clearly touched on some of the points that have made her a controversial figure, but did so in a precise way. She called the music her late husband John Lennon was making “a nice sound.” There were adjustments made by both “free spirits” to sustain the wonderful marriage Yoko and John enjoyed.

Tragically, that marriage ended and the world suffered a horrible loss when John Lennon was killed on December 8,1980. At that point and sadly to this day, I feel outrage, shame and sadness that in this country the lives of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon were snuffed out in violence. I believe all stood for peace: the late President was headed that way and the other three epitomized it. Yoko practices it and has always offered insight into living on a higher plane. I never doubted her but through much deeper understanding realize the beauty in her ways. Those of you married or in a relationship learn and study the tenets of her unique ways of love. Do it and that thing about peace and maybe there is a chance. Peace and chance, you know the rest.

“Times Talks” events take place at The Times Center, 242 W 41st Street, NYC. For additional information on upcoming events visit

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