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Fenway Park Thoughts

April 20, 2012

Sadly, I have never been to a baseball game at Fenway Park but I did stand outside the venerable park one Sunday morning Halloween 1999. The Yankees had won a third World Series in 4 seasons, dispatching the Red Sox in a 5 game ALCS along the way. At that point, 81 years had passed since the last Red Sox World Series win. Hence my thoughts and memories were essentially about gallant Red Sox teams in 1967, 1975 and 1986 that lost the World Series in 7 games. I knew about the equally gallant 1946 team that also lost a World Series in 7 games and about near miss first place finishes in 1948 and 1972, the latter affected by an early season work stoppage. Most of all, I recalled the one game playoff loss to the Yankees in 1978.

Now after Red Sox World Series wins in 2004 and 2007 the history is not as heartbreaking and some of the near misses reflect well as to the positive history of the games there. Last week a tragedy of 1912, the lost lives of people aboard the Titanic, was recalled with much publicity. Often in the past, the association of the Red Sox World series failures and the corresponding years of Fenway Park opening and The Titanic tragedy were linked. Perhaps we have gained perspective on the importance and intensity of each.

In that spirit, recall Harry Brecheen who won 3 games for the Cardinals to help beat the Red Sox in the 1946 World Series and died in 2004 not long before the Red Sox won the World Series ending the 86 year Title drought. 86 and 1986, a number and year that recall how much Bob Murphy, the late dedicated Mets broadcaster, enjoyed returning to broadcast at Fenway during that 1986 World Series. Murphy, who also died in 2004, once broadcast for the Red Sox. Why did Danny Galehouse pitch the one game playoff vs the Indians in 1948 is a question that has echoed throughout baseball history especially when Mel Parnell, a tremendous Sox lefty, especially in Fenway, could have pitched. Recently, Mel Parnell died. Oh, did the Red Sox dissipate a great advantage to fail to make the baseball “tournament” last year. That means less than the two legitimate one game playoff losses including the great game of 1978 vs the rival Yankees. If the wild card had existed that game never would have been played.

Fenway Park

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  1. colin permalink

    greatest ball yard ever

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