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Legends of Disco, Part two

April 14, 2012

The music at the disco event, “Legends of Disco” was sensational. What great memories collectively flooded the crowd’s senses as such artists as “Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes,” Tavares, and the incredible Trampps performed their big hits and other songs as well. Deney Terrio, who co-hosted the event with Joe Causi, danced with many women, one at a time, on stage, between each act. As stated before Deney is still a great dancer and it was nice to see the “young” ladies up there with him.

I had a chance to talk with some of the artists, actually telling “The Blue Notes” that Kentucky, which went on to win an 8th Basketball title, had won by 8 points vs Louisville. The group members were so gracious in posing for pictures and talking with the fans. They opened the show and sounded great. “The Love I Lost,” my personal favorite song by the group, really set the tone for a great evening.

Finally, I had a chance to briefly interview the fabulous Earl Young of The Trampps, who was so gracious as he talked of missing Jimmy Ellis, the Trampps long time lead singer, who died in the last month. Young called performing in New York, especially without Ellis, a really emotional experience. He founded the group at age 32 in 1972 and is 72 now. We all should move nearly as well now, no less at 72 years old. He is a truly gracious man, really great with the fans and cognizant of their importance. He truly understands his situation. Earl actually sang a line of “Disco Inferno” with me and far more important, The Trampps brought the house down with mega hit, “Disco Inferno” on stage.

Deney Terrio

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