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May 24, 2023

While the Denver Nuggets, now (1-4) in semis and (1-3) vs the Lakers in such, did sweep into the NBA final round, the Heat failed to do so and though up (3-1) now go to Boston for #5 and would have to return there for #7 if the Celtics (4-5) at home in these ‘offs win #’s 5 and 6.

Meanwhile in the NHL, both Las Vegas and Florida have commanding (3-0) semis leads.

If, as is extremely likely a Las Vegas vs Florida NHL final manifests, it will mean a first time NHL champion will be crowned.

Each team lost 4 straight games at one point of their one previous final appearance to date, the Avalanche (their first of 3 crowns) winning (4-0) vs Florida in ’96 and Washington getting its lone title, winning the last 4 games to “5” first year L.V. in 2018.

Back to the Nuggets, and how right their fine coach Mike Malone is about the lack of respect afforded Denver star Nikola Jokic (how does Mark Jackson get to sit there, having left Jokic off his MVP ballot?!).

Jokic and Jamal Murray led Denver in 4 vs the Lakers now (32-10) in semis, swept in a series for the 11th–ninth in a best of 7. Denver won for the first time in 8 post-season series vs L.A. and swept an opponent for the first time, in this their 47th NBA season.

Regarding that so publicized, great player, LeBron James (Please retire and stay retired. You matched Kareem’s 20 years and passed his points total, but you “ain’t” even close to being as great!!) his team was swept out for a third time, semis or later.

In a 5 game final round loss to Golden State in ’18 after he and the Cavs were swept in ’17, his team lost the first three games. Then the privileged, do what he wants, James jumped to L.A.

Similarly in his last year with the Heat, to whom he jumped in 2011, the team lost the last 3 of the final, albeit all at San Antonio and were 5’d by the Spurs. Then he jumped back to Cleveland.

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