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The “Heat Is On” (Plus An Incredible 16 Units And (2-0) In The Semis, With Road Wins At Huge “Fave,” Boston)

May 20, 2023

The Miami Heat continued their/South Florida’s ‘offs and NCAA teams incredible post-season, (not and seemingly NEVER me) “gold mine,” by winning (plus 9) at Boston (Celtics are (4-5) at home) to take a (2-0) semis lead.

For the record, long shots, Miami U. and Florida Atlantic “backed up Brinks trucks,” reaching the national semis, before losing, the latter covering the spread in the loss.

The NHL Panthers rode NHL Hart Trophy Finalist (McDavid will win the award, but he and his Oilers are home, per Bettman’s “no Canada edict,” or maybe stellar play by Bettman (Bet is operative) backed Las Vegas, which got an overtime goal from Brett Howden (his in the first 3 minutes of overtime) to “open” Dallas at home), Matthew Tkachuk’s goal 12 seconds from a 5th overtime to lead (1-0) vs Carolina.

Florida, which won the 6th longest NHL game around 2 A.M. did so on the road, where they have won 7 in a row, including the last 3 vs the top ranked , record breaking Bruins in the first round. Maybe slightly off, but I have the odds of the Panthers and Heat winning all 5 of those “at Boston” tilts at a mind boggling, 400 to 1!!

Elsewhere, the Denver Nuggets led by Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray (he is from Canada and the NBA actually allowed the Raptors of Toronto to win the 2019 crown but of course Kawhi showed his “loyalty,” “Leonarding” to the L.A. Clippers) won the first two of a semi for the first time in their 47 year/season NBA history, doing so at home vs L.A.

Who, in addition to the great Jimmy Butler “did it” (Caleb Martin off the bench with 25 points while starter Bam Adebayo added 22) as Miami, in winning #2, leads the Celtics (2-0).

Picking up a pair of road wins, Miami is now (-175), juxtaposed with having been at least a 5 to 1 “person to person” series opening underdog.

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