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Celts/Sixers Notes With NBA (3 Into The “Qtrs”) Updatedatrs Notes

May 7, 2023

After Philly’s game 1 win, (not cashed, 2nd and 3rd in the Derby, on this the exact 51st anniversary of “my” Lakers’ ’72 crown-d not mind Charles but that royalty “ain’t” for me–phone yields no longer my L.A. ripped GS, ko’d my schmeaze and under on national over air TV, so much for “Hello Klay Thompson” and the Currys) Harlan, likely from his producer, noted it was the first Sixers’ ‘opening game/at Boston ‘offs win since 1981.

He did not cite the fact that the Celtics won that dramatic “semi/virtual final” in 7 games.

It is one of only 4 times in the NBA record 21 ‘offs series clashes between the Celts and Sixers nee Syracuse Nationals that the game 1 losing team won the series.

The Sixers returned the favor the next season, 1982 and had done so in 1977.

The franchise as Syracuse also won the series after losing game 1, doing so in 1956 in a best of 3 series. At that point the Nationals had won 3 of 4 ‘offs series vs the Celtics.

They also won a round robin event that gave them home court advantage vs Boston in 1954, before beating the Celtics in a subsequent series.

Boston leads the ‘offs series having won two thirds (14) of the 21 clashes.

Philly won in ’67, ’77,’80 and ’82.

Syracuse won from (’54-’56), winning its lone title as the Nationals in ’55.

Philly went on to win the ’67 crown.

Boston won vs Syracuse in ’53, ’57, ’59,’61, thus were (4-3) in series (4-4) counting the round robin and went on to titles in ’57,’59 and ’61.

The Celtics are (10-3) in series vs Philly, winning in eventual title seasons (’65,’66,’68,’69 and ’81) as well as in ’85, 2002, 2012, 2018 and 2020.

Boston and Denver with home advantage vs Philly and Phoenix respectively, and  above cited L.A. and the Heat, the b.s. “bubble” 2020 final round opponents, sans it vs G.State and the Knicks respectively, lead their “quarters” (2-1).

I am way too old for this!!


Wilt Chamberlain3.jpg

Five Years and 13 (Wilt, pictured above wore it) days apart in same calendar as this years 1967 and 1972, Wilt Chamberlain led two of the greatest teams ever, in any sport to title clinching win.

His team, the (68-13) Philly 76ers titled vs the great Rick Barry and the then and now S.F. based Warriors on April 24th and the Lakers won it vs a Knicks’ team, that made 6 straight semis (’69-’74), winning titles in ’70 and ’73, exactly 51 years ago tonight on Sunday May 7, 1972.

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