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Knicks/Heat “Quarter” Set

April 27, 2023

In what was roughly a 25 to 1 pay out (Beano again from above, screaming “you have to be willing to lose!!!) both the 9;5 series underdog New York Knicks and 8 to 1 “u/dog” Heat won their round of 16ers, in 5 games, each winning twice on the road and in fact, both teams winning games 1 and (3-5) vs the Cleveland Cavaliers (the Knicks are (4-0) in series vs the Cavs and (12-2) in such games) and top ranked Milwaukee Bucks respectively.

Last night on what was the exact 51st anniversary of the Knicks’ incredible shooting (surely Bill Bradley and Jerry Lucas) in a game 1 rout win at L.A. vs the (69-13) Lakers, another solid performance by Jalen Brunson led an easy Knicks win (plus 5 plus) to “5” the Cavs.

Remember the then “my” Lakers won the next 4 to finally gain an L.A. based crown and complete an incredible season, in which they set a still standing major North American sports record with 33 consecutive victories.

Oh did I take “heat” after the Knicks win in game 1 and being different (a again, then not now Lakers’ fan in N.Y.) got relief not exultation from my team’s win, a constant as my dad often cited, in my existence. (By the way, on the exact “ann” of that #1 loss to the Knicks 51 years earlier, the Lakers were again routed, this time by the Memphis Grizzlies, this time in #5 of a prelim/”round of 16er,” in which L.A. is (-5) to go home and advance.

Speaking of heat, the Miami Heat led by the incredible play of Jimmy Butler dispatched the top ranked Milwaukee Bucks in 5 games, riding Mr. Butler’s 42 to a (128-126) overtime win in #5.


Magic Johnson

Earvin “Magic” Johnson, pictured above, predicted a Knicks’ series win vs the Cavs and that they in turn would give Milwaukee a tough “quarters” series.

It turns out they face Miami (the Knicks are (-4) game 1 and (-130) series “faves”) whose Jimmy Butler, evoked Magic’s 42 point game in #6 vs Philly in the ’80 final.

Butler also had 56 points as the Heat rallied to win #4. They were as high as 13 point underdogs in game 5. Magic, Jamaal “Silk” Wilkes (he had 37 points in that 1980 title clincher) and the Lakers were about 8 point “dogs” playing without Kareem in that ’80 game. 

What goes around ….. 

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