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Hopefully It Does, However, Rays’ (10-0) Start Means Little

April 11, 2023

As you might know, very little about today’s big league baseball appeals to me.

There is a team to admire, however, the Tampa Bay Rays, who are off (10-0).

Yet I feel that means little and the Rays to finally win a crown after nary one despite years of really good play despite a relatively low payroll, is far away.

OK if they get a top seed or even #2 in the A.L. they still have to win 3 rounds and 11 games. Alas the (10-0) start does not anywhere near insure a top 2 or even the A.L. East crown.

In their “div,” the high payroll, consistent high wins, albeit of late post-season under achieving Yankees still loom.

Throw in highly rated, unproven Toronto and maybe surprises from Baltimore and Boston.

Keep going Rays, (they have beaten me in all 10 but again small is the way to bet and better not to bet), but the “road of going” is a long, dare I say (ups and downs) winding one.


The Lightning have 3 crowns (by the way I lose every time on the Leafs, but this season I go “limbing,” they will win vs the Lightning in an NHL prelim that will commence next week. They are roughly 7 to 5 favorites to do so), the Buccaneers won in both their Supes but the Rays are (0-2) in W.S. play, (3-8) in games.

Click above as the truly great broadcaster,   Harry Kalas calls the last out giving the Phillies the 2008 crown with a game 5 home win vs the Rays.

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