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Best Record NHL/NBA Notes

March 31, 2023

Yesterday while the Boston Bruins “foregone conclusioned” the NHL’s top “reg” record (not usually a big deal), the Boston Celtics kept their still longshot chances alive for such in the NBA, (one would think a bit, if not discenibly more important as related to’offs, specifically achieving titles success), routing the top mark, Milwaukee Bucks.

No city/region has ever won both the NBA and NHL crowns in the same Fall-Spring-Summer Year.

The Bruins have a superb 58-12-5 mark, not to be rated with the ’76-’77 Montreal Canadiens, who finished 60-8-12 with ties allowed then but not now as the “5” regarding the Bruins’ record represent overtime losses.

Meanwhile the Celtics gained on both the Bucks (Mil. is up by one and a fraction as the Celtics have the tiebreaker) and the Denver Nuggets. 

2021 champion Milwaukee, which lost a tough 7 game “quarter,” sans home advantage, to Boston last year, has a magic # of 4 vs Boston and 2 vs Denver, to get the top mark.

Unofficially, as I think Denver has the t/bker vs Boston, the Celtics have a magic number of 5 to secure a better record than Denver.


Nigerian President Buhari Stands With Secretary Kerry, U.S. Delegation After They Attended His Inauguration Ceremony (cropped).jpg

The great player, Hakeem Olajuwon, cited by me in a dollar store yesterday, for playing through despite fasting for Ramadon, is pictured above.

Mr. Olajuwon led the Houston Rockets to titles in both’94 and ’95, the former denying the closest bid for one city/region winning both the NBA and NHL crowns.

In ’94, a year my father, who endured my “anti,” died–the New York Rangers won their first title in 54 years while the Rockets denied the Knicks in both games 6 and 7 in Houston, to win their first title.

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