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N.C.A.A. Tournament Notes

March 24, 2023

The round of 16 continues tonight with the two remaining top seeds, Houston (-7 vs Miami) and Alabama (-7 plus vs San Diego State) in action in the pair of earlier games.

The second tilts are Texas (-4) vs Xavier following Houston in the Midwest and Creighton (-10) vs Princeton following ‘Bama/S.D. State in the South.

Only 12 teams remain alive for the 2023 crown and only Connecticut which has 4 crowns (’99,’04, ’14) among the “paucity of titles dozen,” has any previous titles.

Thus it was likely and is the case that no 5/10 years ago or same calendar previous title teams will get the 2023 title.

More such notes and a review/preview as the “quarters” commence tomorrow.


Fifty years ago ’twas U.C.L.A. led by Bill Walton’s incredible game in the final vs Memphis State that took the crown.

Last night they were ousted by Gonzaga.

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