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K.C./Houston Notes

February 26, 2023

I noted the 5/10 years ago teams to win the NFL crown and also the same calendar years as 2022 that did so.

However, I neglected to cite or “consider” the two “all the way” AFL crowns in such situations and thus missed the winner, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Sixty years earlier in 1962, as the Dallas Texans, (similar in name to this year’s winning field goal(s) maker, Harrison “B”utk”ER,”) it was Tommy “B”rook”ER,” who also booted a short field goal, his in the second overtime of the AFL Championship Game, that gave the Texans, playing their last season in Dallas, before becoming the Kansas City Chiefs, the title.

The Texans defeated the Houston Oilers in that game.

Houston had won the first two AFL crowns, including the first one, that in “same calendar” as 2022, 1960.

Of course, the current baseball championship team resides in Houston, namely the Astros, whose first season as the then Colt-45’s, was in 1962.


I still hope to talk with Abner Haynes, an integral member of the ’62 AFL champion Dallas Texans and later among the leaders, as players protested the ’65 AFL All Star tilt locale being in segregated New Orleans.

Another Houston “link,” as the game was moved there. It was played at Jeppesen Stadium, the site of the Texans 1962 AFL title game, 2 OT’s win vs the Houston Oilers, now the Tennessee Titans.

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