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“Hol (ding) a ling” Essentially Decides A Second Straight Tilt As Penalties Lift The Chiefs To A Second Crown in 4 Seasons/3 Years

February 13, 2023

In addition to its violent nature, football inherently has so much wrong with it. A major ill is that penalties decide games, as do field goals, now so easy to make, for the multitude of highly skilled kickers in the league.

Cue “The Mama And Papas” on this day after Monday but it is not for “Monday Monday,” but to cite “it happened again last night.” as a Butker “chip shot” from a measly 27 yards out gave the Chiefs their third Supe crown and second in the last 4 seasons/3 years.

As was the case last season, when a third down holding call was the absolute key in the Rams’ “no cover” Supe win vs the Bengals, who like Philly’s Hurts, “hurt” as they do not have a title, a holding call essentially decided what was a (38-35) Chiefs Supe win (well) over the Eagles.

Do not get me wrong Patrick Mahomes, both the “reg” and now “Supe” MVP, was/is brilliant, as he effortlessly directed 4 second half touchdown drives, running 26 yards to the “Phil” 17 on the decisive one, all of which set up another Har Butker (ok he is Harrison) gamer!

Of Toney and Bolton, the former first name Kadarius, not the great scorer Andrew, who helped a Philly team, the ’83 Sixers “title,” had a “walk in short TD catch that gave K.C. its first lead (28-27) after Harrison Butker’s XP and added a huge 65 yard punt return that set up a Mahomes to Skyy Moore (he had a big punt return vs Cincy on the winning drive, culminated by Butker’s FG and severely aided and abetted by penalties, in the “semi” vs Cincy) “walk in TD.”

The latter at the start of the paragraph above is Nick Bolton. He went 36 yards with a Hurts inexplicable and essentially inexcusable fumble, that tied the tilt at 14.

Philly vastly outplayed K.C. in the first half, but led by only 10 points as the “no Rihanna cleavage shown cashed” halftime “show” commenced.

After K.C. went “TD” on its first second half possession, it seemed Bolton had another fumble recovery TD, but alas (no sound for me, not with Burkhardt!!), my “captioning” indicated “G-d/God/” Mike Pereira said incomplete pass and “thus it shall be”said the far too obtrusive, time wasting replay.

Anquan Boldin and Arizona took out Philly in an in Arizona (same field?, which by the way caused further ridicule to the billion dollar and also “teflon” NFL, by being in horrible condition) home ’08 “semi”/NFC Title Game win.

“Pitts” subsequently no covered Arizona in the Supe, but Boldin titled in ’12, with Baltimore and cashed for those who bet him for first TD, in that game.

That “injustice” (the fact K.C. was only down by 10) was aided by the Orwellian replay yielding a “no catch” for the great DeVonta Smith (he did win titles twice with ‘Bama, Hurts essentially did not, as it was Tua Tagovailoa, who hit Smith to win the ’17 crown) late in the first half.

Give K.C.,  which won a second crown and has hosted 5 straight semis, credit for a great second half, as Mahomes moved significantly upward among all-time greats.

After the two “walk in” TD’s which were on 3rd and roughly 5 both times, each a huge 4 point play, Hurts went deep to Smith this time on the left sideline (on the Tua pass, Smith was far ahead of his defender on the left side as was the case on this) and to the 1, from where Hurts tied Terrell Davis (he who got Elway off the losing hook in ’97, which was followed by Elway and Denver repeating a Supe win in ’98) with his third rushing TD in a Supe.

Jalen Hurts made an extra effort “2” and it was (35-35). An all-time ridiculous, “master of the obvious ” statement by either Olsen or Burkhardt (Kevin said great weather but not the temperature at the start) was “they will go for 2, you would think.” Thanks, and it is cold in Siberia! 

5 and change remained, nobody is talking about Sirianni’s poor waste of time with 3 runs to start the tying drive. Earlier, another key in this tilt, in which the better team lost was a 17 play Eagles’ drive/”settle” yielding (27 and not 31-21) pretty late in the third quarter) and Mahomes, masterfully and in no sweat/”until” (I will get to that) fashion, brilliantly drove K.C. to the Philly 12, eventually facing a third and seven with say 1:40 remaining.

His pass, so likely as they say “uncatchable” sailed out in the end zone, but again the officials decide/decided the title. 

They called holding, yielding first down K.C.  I had McKinnon to “TD,” but he properly slid down at the 1 and ’twas Butker with too little time for Hurts and Philly, less than 10 seconds.

It was eerily similar to when Clemson, at least that was with a TD and I think w/o too much, if any penalty help, denied Hurts and Alabama in the ’18 college title tilt.

I cite JuJu Smith Schuster’s 7 catches, Isiah Pacheco’s 15 carries/76 yards and a TD. The other K.C. TD was scored by Travis Kelce, who a) is a great player, b) overplayed the 1 point dog Chiefs get no respect angle and whose brother Jason played against him with the Eagles as the brothers have combined for 5 Supe appearances in the last 6 seasons.


Patrick Mahomes' Wife Had 4-Word Reaction To Super Bowl WinThe great quarterback, Patrick Mahomes and his wife pictured above.

Stet Bennett similarly won a second title in this year’s “pig,” albeit in college and in a clear title game rout.

After it, I posted him with his girlfriend named Liss and soon after, he drove drunk.

I cite that when K.C. and Mahomes were awful in defeat vs T.B. in a Supe 2 years ago, the son of then and now 2 titles, K.C. coach, Andy Reid, had also driven drunk, within days of the game. 


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