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Mary Badham In The Last Twilight Zone Episode

February 6, 2023

Mary Badham, best known for her iconic role as “Scout” in the seminal film,”To Kill A Mockingbird,” played “Sport” in “The Bewitchin’ Pool,” the last episode of the original Twilight Zone.

I suppose it was at a “Twilight Zone” retrospective at which I met Ms. Badham, who was so courteous and informative in talking of her love toward “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

Earl Hamner Jr., who later created “The Waltons,” wrote the Bewitchin’ Pool  episode, that aired originally on June 19, 1964.

Georgia Simmons, having turned 80 days before the episode aired, was outstanding in her role as “Aunt T.”

Another excellent show, “Bewitched” debuted 90 days later on September 17, 1964.


The classy, Mary Badham, pictured above, as “Sport” in the Twilight Zone’s last episode, “The Bewitchin’Pool,” about 2 years after her immortal turn as “Scout,” in “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

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