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NFL ‘Offs Notes

January 13, 2023

Nine of the “too many, however not as bad as baseball’s twelve–16 regs in pig, 162 in what is a so diminished baseball “reg,” fourteen 2022 season ‘offs qualifiers have won at least one Super Bowl.

The “given byes” “1” seeds, the Chiefs and Eagles have combined to win 3 (the Chiefs 50 years apart with Bucks announcing, Jack in ’69 and Joe “coming at us” in 2019 (that lucky phone # guy does not deserve his kinda nachas, sorry I surely do not shed such for he/him) while Philly titled in 2017.

That Eagles franchise has one 5/10 and 2 “same calendar” crowns, the former just cited in 2017 and the latter in 1949 and 1960.

Seattle (Seahawks) as a current 10 point(s) or so underdog visits the NFC “2” seed S.F. 49ers in a 2013 NFC Title game redux, at 4:30 or so Eastern Time, to start this the third season of 6 wild card round tilts, at least two, too many.

“Sea” won it all in 2013, ripping Denver and “no show” (as he too often was in big games, yet he is almost deified/his “aw shucks” manner hiding reality), Peyton Manning in the subsequent Supe after “semi-ing” S.F.

The Niners have 5 crowns and once were (5-0) in Supes. They have not titled since ’94, losing Supes to the Baltimore Ravens 10 years ago in 2012 and to K.C. (Chiefs) in 2019. Neither “Sea” nor “S.F.” has a 5/10, but the Niners won “same calendar” crowns in ’88 and ’94.

On Saturday night, the L.A. for so long the San Diego Chargers are about a field goal “choice” (I think I will pick the Chargers to win this “Alfalfa” Michaels first NBC game since the 2021 season Supe. In a memorable what still remains Michaels’ last NBC “reg” tilt a Raiders field goal knocked the Chargers from 2021 season playoffs qualification) at the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That is the lone game of the six on the docket, in which neither team has a previous Supe win. The Chargers in an “Alfalfa” Michaels ABC Supe lost to the 49ers, in the lone Supe appearance for either team.

The next three tilts match teams with a combined 8 Supe wins vs three teams with none. Miami a huge 13 point “dog” has two crowns, none since 1973 while opponent Buffalo (Bills) are (0-4) in such games.

In what I believe is a “Bone for Buck,” it is the 3 point underdog and 4 time Supe winning New York Giants at (0-4) in Supes/never even leading in any, Minnesota Vikings in the coveted late Sunday afternoon slot.

That night the Baltimore Ravens are about a TD “dog” at the Cincinnati Bengals. The Ravens won in both their Supe appearances, the Bengals, by only a combined 12 points–5 in ’81 and 4 in ’88 vs S.F. and by 3 to the home team, Rams last season, lost in all three of their such appearances.

Then on Monday night Buck, now with Disney/ABC/ESPN (not even sure if this is on ABC, the Georgia rout of TCU which thankfully got richly deserved low ratings and in fact all 3 college ‘offs tilts, each semi an exciting game, were not on over the air ABC) get 5 time Supe winning Dallas (Cowboys) a 3 point fave at T.B./T.B. which won a 5/10 Supe 20 years ago in 2002 with Trent Dilfer at the home and another 2 years back with a man named Brady, first name not Mike or Robert Reed, but Tom. He is the referenced “T.B.” for Tampa Bay.

Dallas won not only a 5/10 but a “same calendar” title, 45 years ago in 1977. That year was the only possibility for such an occurrence this year. The previous 5/10 and same calendar relating to this one (2022) was in 1932, the years before the first NFL title game.

The Cowboys, who last won it all in ’95 (also the last season they won as much as a slots game, yet we must endure Tony Romo, who never won as much as a slots/division round game) had a 5/10 title, ripping Buffalo in the ’92 season Super Bowl.


Brady with the Buccaneers in 2021

Seven time (3 losses in that game, Joe Montana went (4-0), Bart Starr was (5-1) in games for “all the marbles”) Supe winner, Tom Brady, pictured above, will play in his 48th ‘offs game, Monday night. 

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